Dog Grooming

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Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming | Just Poochy - Cookeville, TN

Dog grooming is no different than getting shots or general veterinarian visits. It is essential to keeping your dog healthy, up beat, and happy. Typically a puppy’s first grooming should be done around the twelve week mark, as it is important they quickly adjust to the process and having other people handle them.

Dog grooming can include any number of services, it just depends on what you are specifically looking for or what fits your budget. Just Poochy offers packages to meet every budget and we even offer a 10% discount to TTU students.

Let’s face the facts, our loveable puppies can get in any kind of mess at any time. Whether the dog park was full of mud puddles or they got into something sticky at the house, sometimes they just need a bath. Just Poochy offers many single services in addition to our full service dog grooming.

Our experience and commitment to dog grooming are second to none and we absolutely love what we do. Let Just Poochy groom your dog, and give them a fresh and clean feeling. Our dog grooming is cage free and will allow your pup to socialize, run, and play with other dogs while they wait to be cleaned up and pampered. No other dog grooming service in Cookeville offers this option as a groomer.